Thursday, November 2, 2017

An exclusive tour of the Animoodles creative studio!

 #TBT to our visit/tour to the Animoodles creative studio w/ the amazing Marissa Louie last Sunday! We had the honor and the pleasure of being able to be one of the first few lucky ones to have an exclusive tour of the studio and check out the creative process first hand. We were already in love with the product just by seeing their Social Media posts. After this visit, we were absolutely convinced that this will be the next big thing and wanted to be a part of it, so we just backed them on Kickstarter! 

You can clearly see Marissa's passion for design, product and and all things stuffed animals on this project. She really did her homework for over two years, many iterations, late nights, thousands of drawings, market research all over the country, packaging design and production, character development and back stories with the help of artists from Disney and Pixar, among other impressive tasks that she accomplished all by herself and that are usually accomplished by entire teams. 

But what exactly are the Animoodles? 

Animoodles are the most lovable building toys ever! Combining the best of building toys & stuffed animals, Animoodles are a wildly fun system of buildable, lovable plushies that inspire kids to imagine, explore & create like never before.

You can pre-order them on Kickstarter today! 

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